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Marketing 101
Marketing 101

Marketing 101


THE SECRET TO SUCCESS.  Successful people, do things differently than non-successful people.  Successful people, do not stand around, lay in-front of the television, or sit at a computer and watch other people succeed.  They are too busy out doing things…building their own resume!

Therefore, a successful resume starts long-before you ever sit to write it.  In today’s competitive world, you must have real-world experience before graduation, before the resume, and definitely before a job. (explain)

When and How do you begin creating Your Personal Resume?

To build a Successful Personal Resume, you must understand, your resume, is a summary of your LIFE ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE.  A resume, recaps your work history, that is a given.  However, to be a successful resume, you need to have done things that will set you and your resume apart from the other applicants. 

Much like, graduates with good grades, are more sought after than bad grades; those with good experience, internships, volunteer work, work samples, exposure, travel and real-world experience are much more valuable to any employer than ones who just are ‘graduates’ from college.  (explain)


For example:  When interviewing, recruiters and Human Resource Specialists, will ‘remember’ certain applicants over the others, whom are ‘just a good resume’ because usually, applicants with a ‘better resume’ are better at conversation, insights, confidence, and have more real-life experience to reference in an interview.  To the recruiter, that indicates a faster and less costly, OJT, training and/or learning curve period once hired.  

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